Senior banking professional with a proven track record leading teams within project, acquisition and leverage finance in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Significant knowledge of credit and risk management with a global view. Extensive transactional experience structuring and analyzing project finance and buyout structures in sectors such as renewable energy (solar, wind and thermosolar), oil & gas. Proven ability to lead a team while adapting to an ever-changing environment. Experience in some of the premier banks in the world. Bilingual skills with living and working experience in three continents. American and European citizenship.


- Project Finance                                                                 - Acquisition Finance / Buyouts


- Renewable Energy                                                            - Private Equity


- Leverage Finance                                                              - Commercial Banking


- Credit Risk Management                                                 - Infrastructure


- Non-recourse Lending                                                     - North American market


- Oil and Gas                                                                        - PPP/PPI structures


- Tax Equity                                                                         - Solar and Wind Energy projects


- Team leading competencies                                              - Technical and analytical skills


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